Electric motor is the machine that has high efficiency in the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy

The electric motor is the machine responsible for turning electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is the most used, because it presents as advantages the use of electric energy, but still the low cost of operation, the ease of being transported, a clean operation and with simple commands. In addition, the electric motor has a simple construction, its cost is reduced, very versatile to adapt to the loads of the most diverse types and, yet, it is able to present the best yield.

With the passage of time, it was necessary that the electric motor evolved so that it was able to be applied in the most different locations that the presence of the electric motor was necessary. best price for 117 3 550 reel

This evolution resulted in the emergence of the electric motor of direct current and the electric motor of alternating current that can be synchronous or asynchronous, single-phase or three-phase.

No other machine is known that is capable of transforming electrical energy so efficiently into mechanical energy, so the electric motor is an essential device in the life of the human being.

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