In the permanent electric capacitor motor, the auxiliary winding and the capacitor need to be always active, considering that the capacitor is electrostatic. Among the main functions of the capacitor, it must be able to create correct flow conditions similar to those found in multiphase motors, thus increasing maximum torque, in the same way as its efficiency and power factor, reducing noise subtly. To elucidate, we can cite various equipment, such as the different machines found in trades such as blowers, fans, exhaust fans, small saws, grinders, drills, centrifugal pumps and air conditioners.      gates 2350-5m-15

From the point of view of construction, this type of engine is considered as a smaller engine, being generally free of maintenance processes, taking into account that do not need to use contacts and moving parts, as in other types of electric motors. However, its starting torque can be considered lower compared to the split-phase motor, which can change on average between 50% and 100% of the nominal torque, a factor that can become decisive if you need to limit your application to devices that do not normally require high starting torque.

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