The Phantom Saltwater 44Lbs electric motor was designed to be used in saltwater as it is anodized. The sacrificial disc is one of the smallest parts of a boat, but it is also one of the most important because it acts in the conservation of all the metallic parts that are underwater, since it is the one responsible for preventing the electric motor from suffering with To corrosion. O

Anomaly is fundamental in the electric motor because without it no propulsion system will last for long because it suffers from corrosion. The function of the anode is to be sacrificed for the life of the electric motor.

The power of the electric motor is 44 pounds and its voltage as well as the others is 12 volts It also has five speeds forward and two back. The stainless steel rod is 36 “, but allows height, direction and angle to be adjusted.


The fixing bracket of the electric motor to the boat is made of metal with reinforced screws and these screws are of stainless steel, it still has a quick connector for battery and its propeller has three blades.

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