Around the middle of 1800, the Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted could not have thought that through a small experiment he could discover a physical principle of extreme importance for the operation of this type of engine. In this way, Oersted passed an electric current, produced directly by a normal heap, by a conductor wire, approaching just after that wire a compass. The needle, which functions as a magnetic bar, moved and aligned perpendicular to the wire. For the scientist, the event confirmed the important fact that around the wire was a magnetic field, capable of acting on the field of the needle.

It is worth mentioning that today it is a difficult task to imagine what life would be like without any kind of electrical component, not only for the electrical appliances that surround the entire population, but also for the importance of elevators leeson G131466.00, electronic garage doors and escalators. In the old days, in industries, in order to be viable the production of all these types of machines, other numerous devices had to be projected. Even though very different in appearance and larger from a small blender, for example, most of them use the same basic operating system, which is nothing more than that of an electric motor.

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