The maintenance of transformers is based on the set of measures and technical actions that aim at the preservation and good performance of equipment and its facilities. Electric power utilities perform preventive maintenance on power transformers based on maintenance engineering criteria and through the use of predictive techniques, which make it possible to diagnose and analyze trends based on test results and the analysis of phenomena that may during operation of an equipment. For this, it is necessary to use measuring instruments with good levels of precision.

Thus, when there are indications and / or tendencies of incipient faults in equipment are observed, preventive maintenance is programmed. And when a defect or a fault occurs, corrective maintenance is carried out on an emergency or emergency basis.

In this way, it is sought to predict, with the application of predictive maintenance techniques, occurrences of defects and faults in equipment by means of monitoring or evaluating the operating conditions of the equipment or also based on data with which it can be inferred wear and tear or processes of degradation.

In this sense, the knowledge and analysis of phenomena and the technical characteristics of the equipment are essential for the diagnoses that may result from the application of these techniques.

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