The numbering of the contacts simulating the power terminals is suitably provided as follows, one, three and five are of the input circuit, line; the two, four, and six are from the output circuit in the terminal.

It is worth remembering that just as each component and device located in an electric control circuit presents a unique graphic symbolism, the numbering of the contacts, as well as the literal representation of them, also has a standard that must be strictly followed and followed.      ORC1SSCLP14P25

The numbering of the auxiliary contacts follows the following pattern, one and two are the normally closed contacts, NF, where 1 is the input and 2 is the output. And three and four are the normally open contacts, NA, with 3 being the input and 4 being the output. In the relays and contactors have A1 and A2 for the coil terminals. The auxiliary contacts of a contactor adopt a specific type of numbering, since the number is made by two digits, the first digit indicates the contact number and the second digit indicates if the contact is normally closed, one and two , or normally open, three and four.


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