The specifications of the DC machines need to respect some parameters that are derived or related to fundamental requirements such as speed, voltage and torque. Many manufacturers in this category of motor determine output power in CV or HP drives. It is extremely important to note that in order to convert a calculated power value from units of watts to units of HP, it is necessary to divide the power into watts by 746. The current generated in a DC motor will warm it up causing a dissipated power, also known by the acronym pdis.

The value of pdis is directly related to the total resistance of the system, which basically consists of the resistance of the whole motor assembly, including the friction losses in the stator and the rotor. A common specification when referring to direct current is the rated output power, which represents the torque process by the motor speed 2WF1018 PUMP. The maximum output power limit is reached the moment the motor reaches 50% of the unloaded speed and 50% of the stop torque.

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