Month: April 2018

The Permanent Condenser Motor

In the permanent electric capacitor motor, the auxiliary winding and the capacitor need to be always active, considering that the capacitor is electrostatic. Among the main functions of the capacitor, it must be able to create correct flow conditions similar to those found in multiphase motors, thus increasing maximum torque, in the same way as its efficiency and power factor, reducing noise subtly. To elucidate, we can cite various equipment, such as the different machines found in trades such as blowers, fans, exhaust fans, small saws, grinders, drills, centrifugal pumps and air conditioners.      gates 2350-5m-15

From the point of view of construction, this type of engine is considered as a smaller engine, being generally free of maintenance processes, taking into account that do not need to use contacts and moving parts, as in other types of electric motors. However, its starting torque can be considered lower compared to the split-phase motor, which can change on average between 50% and 100% of the nominal torque, a factor that can become decisive if you need to limit your application to devices that do not normally require high starting torque.

O que comprar para morar sozinho sem gastar quase nada

Se você está com dificuldades financeiras e precisa morar sozinho sem gastar quase nada, então conheça os itens essenciais e que são baratos para o seu bolso, com essas dicas da imobiliária americana!

Panela elétrica

De início, uma panela elétrica de arroz poderá ser a substituta do tradicional fogão. Seu preço é infinitamente menor e não haverá a necessidade de comprar gás mensalmente. Apenas tenha em mente que essa é uma solução temporária para morar sozinho sem gastar quase nada. Não dá pra viver apenas de arroz e vegetais, não é mesmo?


Para morar sozinho sem gastar quase nada, além da panela de arroz, opte por um grill. Existem opções no mercado que são planas e servem para preparar ovos e vários cortes de carnes. Com isso, você irá complementar as possibilidades de se alimentar com variedade e qualidade.      melhor imobiliaria americana

Cama box

Ao invés de comprar uma cama separada e depois um colchão caríssimo, por enquanto, uma cama box pode ser tudo o que você precisa para morar sozinho sem gastar quase nada. Existem modelos que custam abaixo de quatrocentos reais.

Siga as dicas, seu bolso agradece!

Bimetallic Overload Relay

The operation of a relay is based directly on the different expansions that the metals have when they are submitted to an expressive temperature variation. The overload relays are many applied in the indirect protection of electrical components of a possible overheating, as for example in motors and transformers.

If there is an increase in current or over-current in the motor, it must be controlled and monitored at all stages by the overload relay. All terminals in the main circuit of the overload relays are pointed in the same way as the power terminals of contactors with specific functions, according to the sequence number, and if it has a second sequence, it will need to be identified with the zero.     MSCHQLQ

The bimetallic relays of overload are based on devices based on the principle of dilatation of thermoelectric parts, also called bimetallic. Overheating of an engine can be caused by a number of factors, such as mechanical overload at the tip of its axis, high starting time, blocked rotor, lack of one or more phases and excessive deviations of network voltage and frequency, among others.


The Operation of the Electric Machine

The various types of direct current electric motors are individualized by the stator construction or even by the way the magnetic bearings are connected to the power supply. These bearings are connected to separate bearings of the rotor, in this way, a dynamic magnetic field is sprouted inside the motor at the instant at which a voltage is concentrated between the brushes of the motor.

Unlike other categories of electric motors, only DC motors do not need a controller so that you can alternate current in the motor bearings. Thus, the switching of the windings of a DC motor is done mechanically. It has a switch on the shaft of this motor, so as the motor rotates, the carbon brushes act on the switch, getting in touch with different segments of the device.

As the motor rotates, its bearings are energized intermittently in a sequence, so that the magnetic poles generated by the rotor can not overcome the poles caused in the stator. This field change in rotor bearings is called commutation. The stator is responsible for forming a stationary magnetic field that surrounds the rotor. This field appears due to the operation of permanent magnets and electromagnetic coils.